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Tips on Choosing Your Winter Wedding Flowers on a Budget

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There are many magical bonuses to having a winter wedding: the cosy honeymoon, the glistening dew on the foliage in your photographs, and the availability of wedding venues in the somewhat off-season. Choosing blooms for your winter wedding may be a little harder. Most brides associate the idea of fresh perfumed flowers with spring and summer. Look at some handy tips to help you to choose the perfect flowers for your winter wedding without blowing your budget.

Feature flowers

Depending on what your wedding theme and colour palette, there are a range of beautiful blooms available to you in winter. If you're on a strict budget, however, you will have to get a little crafty. Anemones, sweet peas, hyacinths and cornflowers  are unique blooms that can be integrated easily into a winter bride's bouquet without costing the earth.

Tulips and roses really are at their best in winter, so you may be able to snap up a plentiful bunch of for a reasonable price. The once-popular bouquet staple baby's breath is now back in vogue as a feature flower of it's own. Give your bridesmaids a plentiful bunch of baby's breath for a sophisticated and delicate complement to the bridal bouquet.

Wintery greens

Look for foliage with a silvery green leaf and woody stems to imbue your wedding with a wintery vibe—think gums, silver dollar and dusty miller for unique silver foliage to complement a pure white bouquet. Eucalypts are an original choice, echoing the Australian landscape while giving off a subtle invigorating aroma. If you love vibrant greens, however, consider integrating some ivy, magnolia, pine or cedar for a truly winter wonderland vibe.

Thinking outside the box

A winter wedding is a wonderful opportunity to integrate natural elements into your flower arrangements. Go for a hike or nature walk with your future spouse and soak in the landscape and nature's bounty—what jumps out at you and decorative, fun and interesting? Succulents are a stunning addition to a bouquet or table, as are twisted twigs or pinecones. Scavenge and collect some of your favourite bushwalking finds for decorations, your bouquet, or centrepieces.


Sprigs of rosemary are an attractive addition to centrepieces, and give off a flavoursome aroma that will complement your menu. For hardy centrepiece flowers, consider Australian natives such as kangaroo paw, proteas, eucalypt berries, waratahs and gums for a vibrant and resilient centrepiece. Entwine your unique blooms with twisted vines, twigs and ribbons for a cost-effective yet visually appealing winter wedding centrepiece.

Consult with local florists like Riverside Florist & Gifts as soon as possible in your wedding planning process, so that you can work together to produce a striking winter floral presentation on a budget that will wow your guests.