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3 Extraordinary Tips to Fall in Love with Your Perfect Wedding Bouquet

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Your wedding bridal bouquet is an accessory that you will hopefully buy once in your lifetime. So you'll want it to be absolutely perfect and just right for the most special day of your life. There's no other day that you will get to enjoy carrying around a gorgeous bunch of flowers made just for you. So before you head over to the florist and pick the first flower in sight, consider these amazing tips to make you fall in love with your wedding bouquet—almost as much as you love your groom.

Consider your Bouquet Size Carefully

It's always ideal to choose your wedding dress pattern before your initial consultation with the florist. The design and size of your bouquet will depend entirely on the level of detail you have on your wedding dress. An extraordinary wedding bouquet won't drown your wedding dress and unbalance its silhouette.

For example, don't choose a trailing bouquet if your wedding dress detail is on the lower end. If your wedding dress has a long train at the back, you can complement it with a dramatically detailed bouquet. You'll also want to make sure that your bouquet is slenderer than your waist so your body shape is not hidden. Your wedding bouquet should have enough detail to stand out beautifully on its own without drowning your beautiful dress details.

Choose Flowers to Meticulously Complement the Colour of your Wedding Dress

Don't assume that every flower will match your wedding dress, especially if your wedding dress is ivory or cream. Your florist can recommend several shades of colours that work well with the colour of your wedding dress, while complementing the colour of your bridesmaid dresses.

For example, purple orchids can complement an ivory wedding dress brilliantly when infused with baby's breath fillers, especially if your bridesmaid dresses are lilac or lavender in colour. Remember to take some colour swatches with you to give your florist an idea of the colours you want to integrate into your wedding.

Give it Personal Meaning

Incorporate flowers that have a special meaning to you or your family. You can even integrate family heirlooms like broaches, lace handkerchiefs and trimmings. This is a great way to add the 'something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue' tradition into your wedding. Check with your florist about the best ways to add your personal items into the floral arrangement. Broaches in particular give your bouquet a stunning finish at the handle.

Fresh flowers are absolute stunners for wedding bouquets and you'll fall in love with them immediately! Be sure to ask local florists like Erindale Florist if they offer flower delivery services—it will make your life so much easier on your big day.