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Orchids: A Thoughtful Gift for Every Occasion

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Flowers remain an enduringly popular gift, whether for a celebration, a bereavement, a romantic occasion, or something else altogether. And it is little wonder that this is the case. A gift of fresh flowers has a huge emotional impact on a person – making them feel more energetic and enthusiastic, and less anxious and worried.

One of the most striking flowers is the orchid. They come in a range of colours, and each colour of orchid has a totally different symbolism and meaning, making them perfect gifts for different occasions. Here are some idea ideas for gifting orchids of different colours.

Orange orchids. As well as being extremely bold and striking in their appearance, the symbolism of the orange orchid represents boldness, enthusiasm, and pride. This makes the orange orchid the ideal gift for somebody embarking on an exciting mission. Perhaps you want to congratulate a friend on a new job they have just landed, or you want to give a friend who is feeling down an unexpected boost of motivation and energy – a flower delivery of orange orchids would be perfect.

Green orchids. Green orchids are unusual because it's rare that you find plants that have green flowers as well as stems. This makes them look beautifully natural and elegant. Green orchids represent new beginnings and rejuvenation, and so they make the perfect gift for somebody going through a life change. A flower delivery of green orchids would be perfect for somebody moving into a new home as they will fit perfectly with the "new beginning" narrative of your friend's life. They could also work well for somebody who has just gone through a break up and needs reassurance about the new beginning in their life that is to come.

White orchids. White orchids are so classic that they really could never be a "bad" gift, but if you really want to get into the meaning of white orchids, you will find that they can represent innocence because of the purity of their colour, but they are also symbolic of wealth in Japan. This would make white orchids the perfect gift for the arrival of a new born baby or a baptism. Or if you want to take the Japanese meaning, you could gift your employees white orchids for being productive, or deliver white orchids to a friend who has just received an impressive promotion.

Whether you purchase orchids from a florist, a garden centre, or online, the recipient is sure to be grateful for the thoughtful gift.